understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Whenever you think of the Light, walk, as it were, into the Heart Center of this Sphere of Blazing White Fire, the outer Radiance of Blue Lightning of Divine Love; and enfolded in your Higher Mental Body, feel Its Dazzling Presence about you!

Speak your Decrees from within that Powerhouse of Creation, for this is a Focus around you when your attention is held upon your Higher Mental Body.

Then you will feel Its Mighty Love and Protecting Care. Then your devotion to the Light goes forth in a Call for the Assistance of the Cosmic Light to come to the Earth.

This enfolding Sphere of White Fire and the Blue Lightning of Divine Love, is the amplification and Enfolding Presence from the Great Central Sun around your own Individual Life Streams, calling for more Assistance to the Earth.

If you will remember to enter into this Sphere of White Fire before you give your Decrees, you will find that the Decrees sent forth from within Its Heart will go to their destination clothed in the White Fire and the Cosmic Blue Lightning of Divine Love from the Great Central Sun, and be sustained in Cosmic Action to their completion of the Perfection for which you call!

To enter into this Powerhouse of Life consciously and of your own Free Will – abiding within It and sending forth your Decrees from within your conscious awareness of that Light and the White Fire Element in that Great Cosmic Blue Lightning of Divine Love from the Great Central Sun – enables you to feel more readily the Pressure and the Cosmic Power of Light!

Then will you more readily understand and feel what your Words, “‘I AM’ the Only Presence Acting”, mean in bringing forth the Power to produce Manifestation which overcomes human distress.”

Mighty Victory

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