understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It is necessary, My Dear Ones, to go through this world holding your peace, yet insulated from the outer activities and giving the assistance to all who are seeking their way to the Light also; for they are just as sincere in their desire to do right as you are.

They may not be “I AM” Students, but there are millions of mankind who sincerely want to live the constructive way of Life. Those you may assist without limit, and you can assist them in this way I have given today.

In assisting them, it will enable you to hold a poised control of the energy in your own body and your mental and feeling world, to the great delight of yourselves and the freedom of mankind wherever you move.

Then you would move forward and hold Harmony without interruption; and when that is maintained over a certain time, We will step through the atmosphere, greet you in the Visible, Tangible Bodies, and you will be safe in the use of the added Energy which We will draw when that occurs. Do not think that is unimportant.


Don’t just listen to these Words today, and forget to practice them tomorrow. You have been doing very well, but you have the capacity to do so much better that I am prodding you into action for greater Mastery, so you may give greater help to others who need you, oh, so much.”

Mighty Victory

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