understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you feel something coming on in yourselves in the way of irritation in the feelings, you can turn quickly to your “Presence” and say: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, hold me in Your Arms of Light! and let no vibration act through me but the Love Flame from Your Heart, or the Cosmic Unfed Flame as of a Thousand Suns!”

When you call forth the Love Flame from the Heart of your “Presence”, qualify that with the Ascended Masters’ Love Flame – because I would not open myself, if I were you, to any quality which would bring forth a release of energy, that later you might requalify discordantly.

The “Presence” would release It, qualified with the Harmony for which you call; but unless you call that to be made Indestructible or charged with Ascended Master Consciousness, you might call It forth in great love and devotion, but if something discordant suddenly struck you, unless you shut it out, it would reach in and qualify that which the “Presence” had given you for constructive action.

That is the danger point and that is what mankind have not understood.

When you call forth anything from your “I AM Presence”, call for It to be Eternally Sustained, or qualified with Ascended Master Consciousness; and then you will have no opportunity in the future for anything to leave the door open for discordant forces to use that energy.”

Mighty Victory

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