understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Many of you are showing the greater Intensity of the Light through the flesh. The outer world has been very cognizant of that since the “I AM” Activity started.

The outer knows and sees It, and many have remarked about your clear skins and beautiful complexions. Many have remarked about the condition of the “I AM”Students – showing the Light you have acknowledged, the Violet Flame you have used, and the Cosmic Words you have spoken have all changed your flesh.

Well, if you have changed it this far, My Dear Ones, with complete control of the energy in your own solar plexus – holding it continuously Harmonious – and then giving this Assistance which I have just explained, to others, your own bodies would before long become brighter and brighter, and more and more beautiful; and your youth and beauty would be unmistakable in these present flesh bodies.

That would be the Victory of the Light which would be yours when you command the annihilation of selfishness both within yourselves and in others, when it attempts to act.

When you call this Activity forth around individuals who might be tremendously stubborn, or who have some vicious creation around them, you could call the Cosmic Force of the Light of Thousands of Suns, the Cosmic Force of the Violet Consuming Flame, or the Unfed Flame as of a Thousand Suns, to draw all that energy within the Unfed Flame or the Violet Flame – just as if Arms of Violet Flame reached out and held control of that energy and purified it.

See the Arms of Unfed Flame reach out and lock around the individual, holding control in Absolute Balance.


Then as soon as you visualize that Activity, turn your attention to your own “I AM Presence” and the “Presence” of the other individual, and say:  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, sustain that now, and give the Freedom which enables Your Cosmic Victory to hold command!””

Mighty Victory

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