understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As you gain a momentum, your manifestations will become so marvelous that you just won’t have time to see anything else. That is what the Mighty Master Jesus said – “See no man after the flesh.”

He said to this Messenger when she asked, “What do You mean by those Words?” – He said: “Exactly what I said – ‘See no human being according to the appearance and the feeling of the physical body.'”

He also said Words that have not been repeated too often. Half of the Statement has been used and the other half forgotten.

The Mighty Jesus said, “The Light of the body is the Eye” – the “I AM” was what He really intended, what He really meant, and what He really said in those early days – “and if thine Eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of Light” – because if you kept your attention upon the “I AM Presence”, automatically Its Light would flow through you without obstruction;

and if It flowed long enough, there would be no obstruction to the Self-luminosity of your bodies or the atmosphere about you.

That is the reason I have come today, to bring you this Explanation about holding control of the energy in your own bodies and giving this Assistance to others.

When you shut off the rates of vibration which are discordant within yourself, or from the outer world, or from anyone else – as soon as you maintain Harmony, the body automatically begins to become more and more Self-luminous.

The more you use the Violet Flame and keep those other rates of vibrations shut off, the more Luminous would your flesh become.”

Mighty Victory

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