understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, you Blessed People of America, how every Heart in America should sing Its Loyalty to America for the privilege which you have to live here today in this abundance.

America is not to blame for the politicians and the war lords who have caused hundreds of thousands to be out of employment here. Individuals are to blame for that, not the people of any nation nor America!

Remember that, Dear People!

Do not accept the false promises of any activity in America which tells you, you will have a certain amount of money every month regardless of outer conditions. These plans are insanity. Mankind cannot have something for nothing! Every human being in America must earn what comes to each one.

Just a part of humanity cannot earn or furnish money and food for those who are idle! The people who are idle are not to blame in most instances. Of course some of them enjoy it, but not the great body of them.

Now in bringing you to this point, My Dear Ones, this “I AM” Light – this “I AM” Call which sets into operation the Activities of Love, Wisdom, Power, and Light, directed by the Higher Mental Body of every person in America – is the only Remedy in the World which can come and be permanent!

If blessed mankind today only understood this, every person in America would rush to understand and apply this Great Law of the “I AM”!

Then their Mighty Freedom would come so quickly, because the more who join in this Great Call to Light, the more powerful is the momentum gained for America, as well as you individually!

Now observe how every Group in America is twice, three times, and sometimes many times a day, calling for this Almighty Blessing, Protection, and Supply for America.

Well, that is gaining in the Spirit of the Nation! Perhaps I should use the term “Life” instead of “Spirit”, because it is! It is gaining the Power of the Life of the Nation.

You understand, through the individuals who are the people of a nation – the nation has Life, as well as individuals.

That is why the magnificent opportunity which is yours today, Blessed People, is to apply the Law of the “Mighty I AM Presence” – which not only releases you individually, but acts for the Nation to produce Peace, Happiness, Harmony, and Balanced Employment for the entire Nation; and then the people have Freedom!”

Mighty Victory

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