understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now in regard to the achievement of the “I AM” Student Body, out of the million “I AM” Students – I have not the definite figures before Me, but I should say at least six hundred thousand are making absolute steady, definite progress in the expanding of their own Light.

Oh, there are many whom you never heard of at all – not that they want to avoid the Student Body, but they are all people who have a definite feeling that they want to bring themselves to a definite state of Perfection before they join the “I AM” Student Body.

It is quite a wonderful thing to feel like that. It is really not necessary at all; but if they have the feeling, then they should be allowed to follow it.

There are so may throughout America and now Australia, Africa, Scotland, Switzerland, and even in Germany, who are seeking this Light. They have a great, powerful, intense interest over there.

It is spreading like a breath among those people who secretly in their Hearts want Freedom, Supply, and Perfection for their beloved ones. It is there where the greatest intestinal disturbance ever known is among those people, because of a lack of proper food.

Saint Germain and I were there just recently, and the stories and the pretense brought to the outer world of abundance is not true.

Neither is it in Russia! Hundreds and thousands of the peasants of Russia are on one-tenth rations in many parts of Russia.

Don’t let the outer world deceive you in these things!

Think of it! The conditions are such that women are joining the armies in these various countries. Why do you suppose that is? In order to have a little more food. These are the conditions in those places.”

Mighty Victory

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