understanding the “I am”…that is you…

“I thank you, I love you, and I bless you, Beloved Children of the Light!

May the Fullness of the Great Ones endeavoring to assist you by releasing into your feeling world Their Qualities, help you to gain in one or two years what might mean a lifetime of tremendous effort otherwise.

Take advantage of it, My Dear Ones. Ladies and Gentlemen, take advantage of this magnificent Opportunity which is offered you, but don’t think of it idly! Don’t think of it as unimportant.

Oh, My, Dear Ones, if you knew how you stand in this room tonight! You could go forward in such a short time into the Victory, until suddenly you would behold your “I AM Presence” in Its Magnificent Splendor. Its Radiance through the Higher Mental Body would enfold you! Then your struggles would be over!

Mankind is nearing this state! Therefore, take advantage of it and have the great Eternal Blessing, Happiness, and Limitless Supply which Life is holding for you, to release at any moment into your world when It finds sufficient Harmony there.

I thank you and bless you forever.”

Mighty Victory

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