understanding the “I am”…that is you…

“Now for instance, just take one of you in this audience who was wholly firm and determined. Suppose you stood in the middle of the audience, and you are wholly firm and determined in the understanding and acceptance of your “I AM Presence”.

Then you call that forth to spread Its Radiance throughout the room. Everyone in the room will be lifted according to the intensity of that Radiance.

Therefore, you see your own responsibility to your fellowman.

See what you can do by holding yourselves harmonious, and calling this into action to pour that Radiance out. You who live in Denver, as you go along the street, pour that out to those you pass on the street, and to those in the stores!

My Dear Ones, once you see what you can do in that one thing alone, it will be a Purification and Blessing of the “Presence” in time to come, which will be transcended beyond words.

This is why tonight I am trying to give you a little clearer concept of all you can do. Not that it is necessarily a responsibility, for you are quite free to choose whether you care to call forth this Mighty Intensification of energy to bless your fellowman as you move about them.

I could not say, you must do thus and so. I would be stepping beyond My Province, because you have Free Will; but I think when you understand the privilege which is yours, you are only too happy and glad to render this service and, through it, aid in the Expansion of your own Light with so great a Power.”

Mighty Victory

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