understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, to think in all the centuries, mankind had forgotten the “I AM Presence”, and to think how they have forgotten even to thank Life for a single thing. How joyful it is to return where We can see and understand what gratitude poured back to Life means, since all We are, is this Light!

I marvel, Beloved Students, I really marvel that mankind does not take deeper notice of all the Forces which are playing through their bodies and acting there.

Today, in your reawakening into that Great Perfection of Life, let not a day pass that you do not return sincere gratitude to Life!

These bodies are just the garment you are wearing, and you have often cast them aside and built new ones.

Now you are approaching the time when the Presence of Life which has provided the Eternal Body of Light for you, says:  “Return, My Children, and enter into the Kingdom Eternal! Enter into the Body of Eternal Light, and wander no more in the maze of human creation and limitation.”

You are returning, Beloved Ones, into that Eternal Freedom once again – this time never to recede, never to forget – and what a Goal!

Not remembering that you have lived so many times, and the conditions in which you lived each time, you do not fully comprehend all that they mean.

We, seeing your Life Stream of Action, seeing the embodiments in which you lived and the conditions under which you lived each time – it is a tremendous thing; and We are very glad that in the human form you are rarely cognizant of what has been.

Fortunate indeed and wise is Life which has provided that.”

Mighty Victory

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