understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let Me prompt you and encourage you tonight. Do not ever let your human self qualify the Radiance in the Classes of the Messengers as too much for you. You know, in a number of the Classes, there are always one or two who faint and have considerable experience; but that is human qualification.

In the Glory of the Class Room, it would be impossible for you to faint or feel anything but the Great Glorious Power and Uplift which is there! So, Beloved Ones, watch that you do not let your human self qualify itself with too great power.

Wisdom is acting in the Class Room, and there could not be too much Power released upon any one of you, because Wisdom is governing; but in your human qualification, the outer has said:  “Something is happening here. I don’t quite understand it; therefore, I think I will faint.”

Do you know, Beloved Ones, you do not have to faint? It is only when you determine to faint, that you do it.

Don’t think Me unkind, but I want you to be so firmly master of yourselves, that anything which seems an intensified vibratory action or increased rejoicing, is really the Greater Perfection of the “Presence”!

If you knew the sensations which have passed through this human form in five years, and not once has this Messenger ever qualified it with anything but the Perfection of the “Presence”!

Sometimes Currents of Energy flow through this body almost sufficient to sweep it out over the audience; and only yesterday, when the Mighty Archangel Michael gave the Dictation, even before the Messenger knew He was here, the Forces from the Archangel Michael’s Being almost swept him forward.

But He has learned to qualify everything with the Perfection of the “Presence”; then the Wisdom of the “Presence” governs and directs. You beloved ones, please do the same thing.

Now remember, in the Classes heretofore, it has been largely Preparatory Activity.
This time We have entered into definite Action for you; and please accept that and know now, you are steadily moving forward in the Power of the Light of your “I AM Presence” which is dauntless;


and if you just feel a little timid at times, in feeling the Release of that Great Power, say:  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, this is not my business, this is Yours! Take command of this body and do what You like with it.”

Give everything into the Hands of your “I AM Presence” – your body, your energy, everything.

Then see how beautiful Life will be, and see the Strength and Dominion of your body which will be anchored there.”

Mighty Victory

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