understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now then, please keep your seats, for I am going to tell you something, and I say this especially for the Peace and Gratification of our Beloved Lotus tonight. She has been calling with an intensity of the Power of Divine Love for the dissolving of the destructive substance charged into the atmosphere of Earth!

Just before the close of the New York Class, there began this Mighty Spectacle in the atmosphere of Earth. let Me draw you a slight picture of this tonight.

Suppose you saw a great circle which represents the atmosphere of Earth; then you acknowledge that circle as containing this substance which is charged with destructive, immoral purposes, causing a pressure upon mankind.

Oh Children of Earth, follow Me closely!

If you have a great mechanical engine, let us call it that, pouring forth the Mighty Fire Breath of God, the Threefold Flame, and you moved that physically into the circle of that substance and it ate it up – in other words, dissolved and consumed it as it steadily and surely moved forth – you would understand what has been done.

That is what has occurred! – only instead of your mechanical engine, the Great Power of the Cosmic Beings has set this Mighty Power of the Threefold Flame into action, which is eating up this substance thrown off by the discord and excess sex activity of mankind, which has turned its terrific pressure upon mankind.

Tonight as I speak to you, almost half of that circle is no more.

Now then, Beloved Ones, do you get some slight idea of what the Power of the Cosmic Light, the Cosmic Beings is? When Life says, “Go ahead”, what can They do?

You are not dealing with human limitations in these Mighty Activities, you are dealing with the Infinite Power of Life which is the Unfed Flame; and as fast as discord touches that Flame, it is dissolved and consumed.

I shall be greatly surprised before this is finished if there are not many people who actually see that in looking toward the sky at about a forty-five degree angle, and who will witness some of the power of that Light!

Dear Ones, this is a Mighty Reality and a Tremendous Effort! Even Dispensations have been granted to try to have this done before the opening of the Shrine Class; and yet, if it is not completed by the opening, it will be shortly after – and in your Hearts, rejoice as never before!”

Mighty Victory

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