understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I ask you to compare for just a few moments the conditions which existed in the World one year ago, in comparison to all that has been achieved in the past six months.

Then realize with Me from the Light within your Hearts, that the Power of the Great Ones – the Cosmic Beings, the Ascended Masters, the Legions of Light – is doing a Work which the human does not conceive!

These are not so many Words; these things have actually been done – by dissolving and consuming the substance which has been drawn together for destructive purpose.

When the Goddess of Light was instrumental in dissolving the war entity of Europe, My Dear People, do you think We would recite that to you as an opinion of somebody’s, or describe a condition that had no foundation?

Do you think We, as Ascended Beings, could by the Law of Life speak to you one untruth? It would be impossible! An Ascended Being cannot speak to you an untruth, regardless of the viciousness of mankind who deny it.

But to you who are in earnest, I wish to convey to you this conviction tonight, that what We say to you in the accomplishment of the World for mankind today, is an Almighty Truth and is actually substance governed and handled just the same as you housewives mold a loaf of bread into the form you wish it to have – only We mold that Substance of Life with a great speed and Power which you have not yet understood.”

Mighty Victory

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