understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It is true, Beloved Ones – your “Presence” is the Supreme Power not only of your world, but of the Universe; and I say frankly to you, if you really understood that your Higher Mental Body, at your Call, is the Director of those Mighty Invincible Currents of Light and Energy, you would know in that moment, it would be impossible for your Calls not to be answered.

Therefore, as you stand firm and unyielding in this, will you have that Full, Almighty Power and Conviction that your Call to the Presence of Life is the Signal to the Infinite Power of the Universe to render that Service to you, and through your human form.

That is why the Great Ones and the Messengers have urged all the beloved Students so earnestly, to remain Harmonious in the feeling long enough for the discordant qualification to cease acting in your feeling world.

Then the Victory of the Light will come so quickly in limitless supply in all that you require.

Remember again, Beloved Ones, the great, great number of people who for thirty or forty years have wanted to serve the Light, have not known quite how. Today, in joining this Mighty Body of “I AM” Students and issuing these Mighty Decrees, you are rendering one of the Greatest Services the World has ever known.

As We watch these Great Waves of Light go forth, it is tremendous. Especially, when the Messengers were in New York, and the great Body of Students here were issuing your Decrees for their Blessing and for the Students there – I wish you could have seen as We do, those Mighty Waves of Energy, Substance, and Light going forth and enfolding them.

Well do the Messengers know and appreciate deeply all which that has meant.

It is a magnificent service, Beloved Ones, that you only comprehend slightly as yet; but when We see the exact result, won’t you let Us advise you and help you, until that day when you actually, through your own volition, see and know as We do?

I ask you, Dear Ones, in anything the Messengers have ever said to you, have they ever deceived you in one single word?

That is why you should now have great confidence in your Power of the Presence – the “Mighty I AM”, in the Presence of the Ascended Ones, who are pouring forth Limitless Power for your Blessing and Assistance.”

Mighty Victory

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