understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now Dear Ones, when you enter this coming Class, charge yourselves and everybody in that audience to be alert! Charge the Power of each one’s “Presence” to see that all are alert, and that they give no attention to anything but the speaker.

Then the intellect, the feeling, and the vision – attention and qualification – will act in one-pointed Harmony, to gather the Force which is released and hold It in All-powerful Action in their feeling world for constant use.

My Dear Ones, We mean business! Please mean it as earnestly as We do for your Freedom. We are pleading for your Freedom, Dear Ones! Not only that, We are furnishing the Energy, the Substance, and the Qualification into your feeling world, which will place you there unless you reverse It.

My Dear Ones, that which I am charging into your feeling world tonight, would produce Eternal Release from all financial limitation forever if you were to fully accept It!

That is why, Beloved Ones, please tonight as never before, realize the Effort We are making to give you the Power of Freedom, while you are going through the process of the cleansing activity which brings about your Financial Victory.

Do not be frightened at this, but I would not be surprised ere long to have Saint Germain say to you, “Now no longer may you ask the Messengers for assistance.”

That has not been said yet; but do you know every one of you has within you that limitless Power of God, the “Mighty I AM Presence”, which is beating your Heart every moment?

It will answer your every Call, and It will project Its Mighty Light Rays of Substance, Energy, and Intelligence to bring about the results you require.

One day the Law of your Life will demand that you stand wholly with your “Mighty I AM Presence” of Life.

Think of it, you who have been courageous enough to stand firm and unyielding! There are a number in this city who have stood in the face of great privation and yet broken through the wall of human limitations, and the Glory of abundance swept in.

Therefore, what is done for one can be done for all; but it means standing firm and unyielding in your “I AM” Decrees, in your acceptance of the “Presence” as your supply of Directing Intelligence and Invincible Protection and all else you require.”

Mighty Victory

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