understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Will you be kind enough to make yourselves as comfortable as possible and, please, no matter what I may say, remain perfectly at rest and quiet; and for this Service I wish to render tonight, please keep your seats! In that ease, rest, and quiet as you listen, all that it is My Wish to do, may be fulfilled in the fullness of Its Infinite Power and come forth to bless you all.

In watching the activity and the requirements of America, and observing all that has been released from the Body of “I AM” Students throughout America – We shall in the future say the World; for you have “I AM” Study Groups in every country, and you would be surprised if you saw the great sincerity in them all.

While those Bodies of Students are small in number, there is almost without exception a very great sincerity, a very great loyalty; and remember those precious people have not seen the Messengers, and yet the loyalty in most of them is as great as yours.

It is quite a wonderful thing, and We deeply appreciate it. It is making things possible which would not otherwise be.

Therefore, tonight I shall cover some things which you have ofttimes heard – but this time, I trust, with a conviction in your intellect and feeling world which will give you a sense of Rest and Dominion such as you never had.

In the first place, your Application is the Dominion of Life, Beloved Students! Now let us see why this is so! When you call to the “I AM” Presence of Life, what operates?

A Light Ray which is charged with Substance, Intelligence, and Energy, which is Power for the Fulfillment of your Call, acts in a fourfold activity for your freedom from human conditions.

Therefore if you understand that, if you have thought about it within your feelings, you cannot help but have the conviction that your Application is the Dominion of your world in the call to the Presence of Life.

Feel this deeply, so every time you apply the Law of Life, releasing Its Mighty Energy, you have that feeling of Its full conviction.”

Mighty Victory

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