understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I greet you in the Name of Life and in the Name and Power of Victory over financial limitations, which I shall charge into your feeling world this night! (applause) We thank you with all Our Hearts for your gratitude and the ever-growing Feeling of Our Reality to you.

Since you have not seen Us thus far in the Tangible Body, then to be able to accept Our Reality, Our Presence, as you are daily and increasingly doing – then it gives Us the opportunity to do for you what never has been done before.

In preparation for this coming Class, will you be kind enough to accept that which We offer, in the Full Power of your feeling, which will set you free from financial lack forever? We wish to do this, and We are going to do Our Part!

I have Limitless Power to charge My Power of Victory into your feeling world, and I am going to specialize It now and henceforth for your financial freedom. (applause)

Since there has been a deliberate intent upon the part of vicious individuals to interfere with you, then I shall take a hand Myself; and We shall see whether they have the Power or whether I do! (applause)

That might sound just a little curious to some of you, to think We take that interest in the affairs of the people of the Earth; but why do you suppose I am remaining here from Venus?

If I were not interested in your welfare, I would not be here; but since I am, and I see your earnest, determined effort to free yourselves, then by the Powers of Light, you shall be Free! (applause – audience rising)

Now for a few moments while you are standing, will you close your eyes and silently accept the Power of Victory – that Quality of Ascended Master Light-Substance, which I shall charge into your feeling world for constant action, for Dominion for you and your Application, and your acceptance of the Presence and Power of Life.

Thank you so very much; will you be seated.”

Mighty Victory

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