understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let Me try t o explain to you. I know words are not complete or sufficient, but they release enough Understanding to try to help you to comprehend the outburst of Reality which you just gave. My Dear Ones, that is a Mighty Feeling! Do you quite realize that?

Now in response to Life, when you release a Mighty Feeling like that, you outwardly do not know what has been set into action; but since you must make the Call to Life for what you require in Its Greater Perfection, then I say to you tonight, you have opened Doors of which you do not yet dream! Will you accept that in great kindness? (applause – audience rising)

Beloved Ones, do you not think it wise to remain seated? Otherwise your friends might think Us peculiar. You see, We are very considerate! (applause) While exercise is good for anyone, yet many feel that they come for peace and quiet. I say to you friends who might be here for the first time, you will find the “I AM” Students very active! (applause – audience rising)

Powers of Light! What shall I do with these Children! (applause) You are very gracious and kind. Won’t you be seated.

Mankind has not understood that We are Beings of Happiness and Kindness and of Great Reality; and one day, when you do accept My Invitation, you will then see that Life does not struggle! Precious People, Life Does not struggle!

I so charge that into the world of mankind, that one day at a great banquet table, Saint Germain shall sit at one end and I shall sit at the other! (applause) Please rest in peace.

You who have read Unveiled Mysteries and the Magic Presence have seen where more than two hundred people sat at that banquet, which the Presence of Life provided.

You are closer than you dream, Beloved Students, to where you will see many of these Natural Things. All that seems so transcendent and unnatural as We speak of them sometimes, is after all, the Perfect Natural Activity of Life!”

Mighty Victory

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