understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, can you understand how greatly We love you who are struggling for your Mastery and Freedom of Life? Do you think that We do not see and know your Heart’s cry for supply, for harmony, for happiness, for the ability to achieve success – some of which you have held to from childhood? Oh, the matter of years upon your head matters little.

You are not nearly as old as you seem; even though your hairs are gray, still are your Hearts young. Your Hearts are the Presence of Life in your human form and cannot grow old. I want you to feel it tonight, if you will, as never before.

My Dear Ones, Life – being Eternal – only requires your Acknowledgement of Its Mastery of human conditions, to allow Its Great Powers to flood forth without limit to reform your human form. Do you quite understand that? May I repeat it – to reform your human form.

I smile to Myself tonight when I see within the desire of mankind, a tremendous craving for some Manifestation, some Miracles, so-called, from Us. Well, be encouraged; such things might come about! (applause) This is no imagination.

Suppose for your gratification We stood four people here and before your eyes changed their bodies, changed their hair – and made them more beautiful than they are – what would you think about it? (applause)

There would be many tomorrow morning who would say: “Oh, sure enough, they got me last night; I’ll bet you I was hypnotized, and and there was not a thing took place there.”

Now then, be kind enough, Beloved Ones, to abide in the Wisdom of the Great Ones, who one day in the Wisdom of Life will give you Limitless, Boundless Proof of Their Presence, Their Authority, and Their Ability.

Therefore, I say to you tonight, We are your Friends, and you cannot help Us being your Friends, can you? (applause)

Think of the joy of the incoming friends, who have not come to know Us yet. You know you have society events to invite your important friends to meet each other? We invite you to meet Us. (applause) I do not think you quite get that!

Mrs. Ballard: “We accept it!”  Answer: “Thank you very much.” 


Shall I repeat it? We invite you to meet Us. (applause – audience rising. “We accept it!” in unison)

Victory! When the day comes that you understand all your response just now has meant, your joy will be boundless.

My Dear Ones, you don’t know what you have done! I love you and bless you forever for that response, and you blessed ones who might not quite understand, please accept My Invitation with the rest. (applause) Won’t you sit down.”

Mighty Victory

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