tktt: On Eternal Reward And Punishment; and on Nirvana.

“Enq:  But where is the difficulty, once you accept a manifested principle, in believing that the soul of every new mortal is created by that Principle, as all the Souls before it have been so created?

Theo:  Because that which is impersonal can hardly create, plan and think, as its own sweet will and pleasure.

Being a universal Law, immutable in its periodical manifestations, those of radiating and manifesting its own essence at the beginning of every new cycle of life, IT is not supposed to create men, only to repent a few years later of having created them.

If we have to believe in a divine principle at all, it must be in one which is as absolute harmony, logic and justice, as it is absolute love, wisdom, and impartiality; and a God who would create every soul for the space of one brief span of life, regardless of the fact whether it has to animate the body of a wealthy, happy man, or that of a poor suffering wretch, hapless from birth to death though he has done nothing to deserve his cruel fate – would be rather a senseless fiend than a God. (Vide infra, “On the Punishment of the Ego”).

Why, even the Jewish philosophers, believers in the Mosaic Bible (esoterically, of course), have never entertained such an idea; and moreover, they believed in reincarnation, as we do.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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