tktt: On Eternal Reward And Punishment; and on Nirvana.

“Enq:   It is hardly necessary, I suppose, to ask you whether you believe in the Christian dogmas of Paradise and hell, or in future rewards and punishments as taught by the Orthodox churches?

Theo:   As described in your catechisms, we reject them absolutely; least of all would we accept their eternity. But we believe firmly in what we call the Law of Retribution, and in the absolute justice and wisdom guiding this Law, or Karma.

Hence we positively refuse to accept the cruel and unphilosophical belief in eternal reward or eternal punishment. We say with Horace:  “Let rules be fixed that may our rage contain, and punish faults with a proportion’d pain; but do not flay him who deserves alone a whipping for the fault he has done.”

This is a rule for all men, and a just one. Have we to believe that God, of whom you make the embodiment of wisdom, love and mercy, is less entitled to these attributes than mortal man?

Enq:   Have you any other reasons for rejecting this dogma?

Theo:   Our chief reason for it lies in the fact of reincarnation. As already stated, we reject the idea of a new soul created for every newly-born babe.

We believe that every human being is the bearer, or Vehicle, of an Ego coeval with every other Ego; because all Egos are of the same essence and belong to the primeval emanation from one universal infinite Ego.

Plato calls the latter the logos (or the second manifested God); and we, the manifested divine principle, which is one with the universal mind or soul, not the anthropomorphic extra-cosmic and personal God in which so many Theists believe. Pray do not confuse.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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