understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now just for a moment more while you are standing, accept My Power of Victory charged into your feeling world to remain anchored there to assist you, and to hold the anchorage of your own Life’s Power there with such activity that you will not longer be subject to the conditions which the World attempts to impose upon you.

May your Selective Intelligence, may your Discriminating Intelligence be so quickened tonight that you are alert; so It will always be on guard to stand before you and, in your Call to the “Mighty I AM Presence” of Light, render you a Service which no one can touch.

So tonight, as I charge this Mighty Current of Energy into your feeling world, may you accept It with the Full Honest, Loving Sincerity with which I offer It?

Tonight is your opportunity, Beloved Friends – even though you do not understand all I am doing, you can be kind enough to accept that which I offer, which can only bring you Blessing!

Although you are here for the first time, if you will accept It, I will give you plenty of Proof in the months to come, that My Charge was Real in your feeling world. (applause)

Won’t you be seated, please.”

Mighty Victory

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