understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Students and Friends, truly the Cosmic Hour is here; and nearer and nearer are all of you drawing to God, the “Mighty I AM Presence”! You are fortunate in this time of the World’s turmoil, considering the conditions which exist in the rest of the World. I am quite sure none of you wishes to be in those conditions.

You have the opportunity now, in answer to the Great Release of the Cosmic Light, to enter this Cosmic Hour into the Fullness of Its Majesty, Presence, and Power; to release into the human octave, Limitless Assistance which all mankind need.

Make no mistake about it, fellow Students and Friends, the hour is here when mankind must give this Assistance! We know it and We are even urging them to take hold of the Laws of their Life and render this Assistance to America, to your own Life, to your people, for this Great Achievement – the Victory of the Light! (applause)

Since for thousands of centuries I have known only Victory in everything to which My Attention was drawn, then I am in a position to assist you; and I have chosen My own volition to assist America to Her Victory! (applause – audience rising)

While you are standing, Ladies and Gentlemen, may I remind you that you have sought friends in the human octave, you have sought authority, and you have trusted human beings who have deceived you. I say to you, now you have Friends of Light, of Power, whom you can trust, who will never deceive you in the world! (applause)

Therefore, will you not turn to these Friends, this Cosmic Hour, and be assured that not one of Them will ever fail you- that not one of Them will ever deceive you?

They are in a position to keep you definitely informed upon every condition which exists in your America, so not one action of deceit or treachery may go on in your government that you do not know it. (applause)”

Mighty Victory

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