understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now just one more word concerning your industries. Much has been withheld from mankind because of the vast wealth invested in cumbersome machinery. It has produced magnificent results, no question about that; but there stands before you today, simple, marvelous machinery by which you could produce so much greater results with so much greater speed, that you would be astonished!

It is the same way with your aerial transportation. Waiting to come forth are these magnificent ships which gather their power from the atmosphere, and they are not weighted down with loads of gas and fuel.

The electricity you are using today is quite wonderful! It gives you light, heat, comfort, and power; but I say, standing in the atmosphere of this room are Electric Currents so much more powerful than the dynamos in your power stations are able to generate, that there is no comparison.

These Currents are in the atmosphere of this room and everywhere!

Of course, now you know better, but many people will say there is no music in this room; yet if you place a radio in here, there are all kinds of music, and by turning the dial you will find all kinds of music. Mankind are soon coming to know the Powers of the Air! (applause)

Why do you suppose recently another Great Being came forth, who is the God of the Air? Because of the destruction that has been projected upon your aerial transportation. The God of the Air has come forth to stop that thing forever from your America. (applause)

I say to mankind, you cannot much longer withhold these Mighty Discoveries which are all ready to come in to serve – into action. As the Cosmic Light releases more and more, it will compel mankind to allow these Magnificent Blessings to be released, regardless of how much wealth has been accumulated.

Mankind, because they have accumulated vast wealth, try to hold the control of outer conditions because of that wealth, and prevent the bringing in of Greater Perfection to mankind.

Soon the Cosmic Light will say to individuals. “Now you can no longer do this”; and they will be compelled to submit!”

Mighty Victory

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