understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now before I close, just a word about your Beloved Saint Germain. You cannot in the wildest imagination conceive what He has accomplished in the past three months in Europe and in America. (applause)

Do you realize how you have given Him the Substance and the Power for which he has waited four hundred years to accomplish certain things in Europe? (applause) Mankind has talked of brotherly love throughout the centuries. That is the manifestation of it. (applause)

I ask you to observe, even with the conditions which are existing today in your America, before one year is over, with your maintained Calls, with the ever-increasing numbers which are being added, will you place your America in a position of Invincibility. (applause)

I sometimes have longed to tell you certain things, but Saint Germain thinks it is not wise; but along your coasts, if you saw the Wall of Light which has been established around your America by these Mighty Calls of six hundred thousand people, you would rejoice as never before in your entire experience of all embodiments! (applause)

Now please understand, Beloved Students, this Power of Light which you call forth as the answer from your “Presence” is the Substance of Light! It is not just a Principle! It is the Substance of Light!

Then don’t you see how Powerful and All-penetrating It is? And that is how also, if you only really understood It, you could cleanse and purify your bodies in twenty-four hours!

Thousands of the “I AM” Students, in the next few months, will come to this Power of Consciousness and Understanding in the Acknowledgement of their “I AM Presence”, where they will find themselves doing it.

I say to the beloved doctors, please don’t be dismayed, because you will find plenty of other occupation.”

Mighty Victory

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