understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now one more thing:  I want you to understand here in Chicago, while we are having our family talk tonight – every person has this same Power of Life! The Messengers have shown the example!

How did they succeed? Now this is important!

Because they refused to accept any falsehood, any gossip, any destructive condition into their worlds.

Remember, this Beloved Messenger has opened those letters, and if you know anything about what vibratory action means, in the tragic Calls for help from thousands and thousands of individuals, you must know his Light and Strength to render that Service!

Do you know what he must be, not to accept that into his world and yet give the Assistance? There have been thousands and thousands of instantaneous answers to his Calls, and the records are there! (applause – audience rising)

Thank you; won’t you be seated.

You think you are practical because you are in the physical world, but let Me show you how practical We are.

From the beginning of this “I AM” Activity, We have kept an Accurate Record of everything which has taken place. This Inner Record makes no mistakes.

Humanly you might make mistakes occasionally in your mathematics, but We never do! Therefore, We have the Exact Record of everything which has been done, and the progress of every “I AM” Student; and We have not complained once about being exhausted!

Now why do We have to do this? Not to keep tabs on you, but to see – now remember again, keep this in mind – how strong a Release of the Cosmic Light can come into the physical octave to help you.

These Great Ones at your Calls have interceded with the Great Beings in the Great Central Sun, to bring forth this Great Cosmic Light in these Mighty Waves!

Therefore, in order not to release a Power greater than mankind could utilize or govern within themselves, We must know your Strength – because remember, you are a Focus of this Cosmic Light!

You are calling to the Presence and Power of Light -your “Mighty I AM” – are you not. You are also calling to the Cosmic Light, which makes you an Outpost, a Focus of the Cosmic Light!

Don’t you see, Beloved Ones, you are not dealing with an imaginary thing; you are dealing with the Power and Intelligent Currents of Life and Energy, which you are calling forth into action!

Then do you not see why it was necessary that We had to keep those Records? We had to, in order that the Cosmic Light might not release Itself and sweep into action before the people are ready.”

Mighty Victory

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