understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now behold! Beloved Ones, you all know definitely the Messengers went forth from your city here, owing months of rent, but trusting to the Powers of Life to correct the condition – just to render this Service.

When Saint Germain said for them to go forth, they went, using their rent money to get to Philadelphia, as a blessed one here tonight knows.

Now then, had they doubted the Power of their Application, had they doubted the Power of the “I AM Presence” of Life to supply them – they probably would have returned;

but they said: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, now this is Your Business! This is Your Work! We are ready and willing! If You wish us to continue this Service, then You have all Wisdom and Power to provide the means to do It”,  and you have seen the result!

Now that is so with every human being who exist!

Only today, the Messenger had a letter from a gentleman who had made many failures in Life. He wanted to borrow twenty-five hundred dollars from the Messenger, and he said, “Well, you have made good.”

Sure enough, but he does not have to make good for the other fellow! (applause). Now that is just the position, the attitude that mankind take that makes them failures!

The Messengers have what they have today, by the most dynamic Application ever made by human beings on the face of this Earth (applause) – and in the face of the greatest hatred and viciousness ever projected at two human beings.

If they can rise out of that condition and be unaffected by it, which they have done, then can’t you as individuals rise out of your own individual conditions with the Great Power of that same Life? (applause)

That is why I mention this tonight because this should stand as the greatest encouragement to you for your Victory, of anything on this Earth; because they stand a Living Proof of having won the Victory in the face of all this condition! (applause)

This is why, Beloved Ones, I want you to see, feel, and understand you must make the same Application.

That is what brings your Victory!

Now remember, the Messengers have followed the Ascended Masters’ Words and Application, which have brought them these Tremendous Results; and it is why you beloved ones can win the same Victory in Life, if you will have the same firm determination and make the same unyielding Application which they made!

Dear Ones, time and time and time again, when most of humanity are sleeping, they have issued these Mighty “I AM” Decrees to Life for your protection, for your supply, for your health and your blessing. (applause)”

Mighty Victory

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