tsdd appendix 4

*A Paper read before the Blavatsky Lodge of the T.S. by William Kingsland, President*

“And now we stand face to face with the greatest question of all. Thus far we have been dealing with cosmogenesis, and have only incidentally touched on the deeper problems of life and consciousness.

Stanza VII opens with these words:  “Behold the beginning of sentient formless life.” “Formless life.”  What can we apprehend of life without form? And yet as we read and reread the stanza it impresses us with a sublimity of philosophic thought which surely is nowhere else to be found.

It presents itself to our mind like a ray of the one Divine Life itself flashed into the darkness of our materiality; or like the lightning in the blackness of the night it suddenly illumines the earth, enabling us to discern the outlines of our surroundings – then leaves us in deeper darkness.

What is this deep mystery of Life, the countless myriads of lives “the beams and the sparks of one moon reflected in the running waves of all the rivers of earth?”

Tell us, oh, Sphinx, of the three letters and the nine! Tell us – lest the insatiable desire to know which you have instilled into our minds pursue you as Nemesis through countless reincarnations.

What is life, mind, consciousness, man? Are not all these conglomerated, collected, distributed, permutated, annihilated, in the stanza before us, till our brain becomes a fiery whirlwind, and our reason sinks into the deep waters of space.

We stand before the mystery of Life; we catch a glimpse of the awful depths of our own being, and those heights to scale which we must become – Gods! We stand for a moment on the verge of that infinite consciousness where there is neither great nor small, being or non-being, time or space, light or darkness, sound or silence.

The stanza reads like the great diapason tone of nature; it swells into a harmony that seems the very source of our being. Who but a great musician or magician can analyze these tones, or fit them to the scale of our earth-bound consciousness.

Let us pause and listen, if perchance we may attune our minds to the divine harmony, and carry some portion of it with us into our daily life. Truly our task has been no light one thus far, but with the strength we have gained we will still push forward, and master these deeper secrets of life by which alone we can hope to free ourselves from the great illusion.”

H. P. Blavatsky

Blavatsky, H. P. (2014). The Secret Doctrine Dialogues: H. P. Blavatsky Talks with Students. Los Angeles: The Theosophy Company

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