tsdd appendix 4

*A Paper read before the Blavatsky Lodge of the T.S. by William Kingsland, President*

“If we push back our enquiries respecting the phenomenal universe, and the causes which are operating to produce the effects which we see around us, we very soon reach a point where physics cannot help us, and where we must resort to metaphysics and abstract ideas. We cannot employ the inductive method here, for we have exhausted our knowledge of facts.

We stand before the great ocean of the unknown, that strange illusion which we call time and space. What is to be our guide here; how does The Secret Doctrine help us?

By analogy.  By showing us the past, the present and the future, contained in the highest possible metaphysical abstraction, in the Absolute or Parabrahman, and then proceeding downwards through the various manifestations in time and space of this one absolute reality – always by analogy, and in lines that never vary in principle – until we reach those finite manifestations which constitute our present physical universe, and our human consciousness.

Analogy is the great law of The Secret Doctrine. As above, so below. The microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm. These occult axioms are to be found elsewhere, but in no other book are they so exemplified, or worked out in such detail, or made to cover such a vast area as in The Secret Doctrine.

Truly this is a key which is worth having, a universal key with which we can unlock one by one every mystery of our being. We must first of all learn to grasp firmly this principle of analogy, and if we do this I imagine that we shall soon discover its value in every department of those regions which we are endeavoring to penetrate.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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