understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Ones, if you care to follow Us, We will from time to time, prompt you to keep yourselves Free from the clutches of such things. We have urged the people to keep away from all things psychic, spiritualistic, astrology, numerology and all those things which breed and breathe limitations into your world!

If you do not care to listen to Us and then you experience unhappiness, remember We tried to help you. We don’t say what you shall do! If you insist on going on with the things which limit and distress you, well Who are We to say you should not!

You are Beings of Free Will.

We want to help you, but We cannot do it, if you do not want Us to. We certainly would not intrude into your world in the physical, any more than We would intrude into your physical home without your invitation; or your friends in the physical world would. Oh, now and then one would, but most of them would not intrude, without your invitation.

If you do not want something undesirable in your home, do not invite it! There are many ways of invitation. You can by the feeling, invite a thing! You can by the intellect, invite a thing; and you can by taking your physical body into an environment of the thing, invite it.

You know the old statement – “Certain of mankind rush in where angels fear to tread.” That is constantly going on among mankind.

Would you, if you saw a building in your city where every immoral or destructive force and action was going on, deliberately walk into it? Not if you were wise.

I say this to you, as students, knowing the Power and Protection of your Presence. It is just the same as you, in your calling forth the Presence and issuing your Mighty Decrees.

If you do not balance that by Self-control in your feeling world; you are not going to get the results you desire. Just because you issue your Decrees and call the Powers of the Presence forth, it does not mean, you will have Perfection.

You must make some effort at Self-control, in order to balance the condition of the Powers which you are calling forth; because they grow greater and the energy grows more powerful. Won’t you see that?”

The Great Divine Director

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