understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Is it not very wonderful, Beloved Ones? Thank you, tonight, for your comprehension. Thank you. Oh, be clear and definite in your comprehension of these Simple Great Majestic Laws.

I am preparing you tonight, for the Great Blessings which shall be yours, and I want you to feel Them. I want you to see, how you alone are responsible in your world.

When you see this, then I can help you, as you could not even imagine; to clear your world of all limiting discordant conditions; so, when you call Life into action, you will have Instantaneous Mighty Results.

That is what every one should have. There is not one of you who should not be able to make the Call and inside of three hours have the answer. Many of you are coming to this point now.

Until it arrives, be firm and determined in your application; for that is the way you dissolve, consume and break down all of these conditions, which have disturbed and limited you.

You cannot do it without your application. Don’t think for one moment, Life is going to do these things for you, without your application!

THE GREATEST NEED IN THE WORLD TODAY, IS THE APPLICATION OF LIFE. Individuals have had it before them in every conceivable activity, in the attempt to explain Life!

Think of it, in the old methods, everything was made so mysterious! More and more subtle and cunning has become the remainder of human destructive creation, which We call the sinister force!

Orders are being established – several of them in America and the world, where they say to you, when you enter the doors: “You must take an oath never to mention one thing which goes on in here.”

When somebody says that, you had better turn and go the other direction. They are concentrating on America just now. Remember! because you will be approached. Many of the “I AM” Students have already been. A thing which asks this of you is no good! Don’t believe it for a second.

I am prompting you, because I see it. Some of the students who took that oath and attended once, not a thing in the world could ever get them to return to another meeting.”

The Great Divine Director

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