understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you wonder why Beloved Saint Germain wanted to bring forth This Light to the Earth, in the last effort to free mankind? Let Me tell you something, you could never repay Him in a million years for the Service, which He has rendered to the Earth and to mankind.

Then, to think there are Individuals in America so depraved, as to condemn, criticize and put forth the vicious fiendish false statement, that the Messengers are trying to replace Beloved Jesus with Saint Germain; trying to ridicule the Dictations of These Great Beings of Light! The ignorance and fiendishness of unfortunate Individuals, is but a claw of the sinister force, to spread their poisonous breath among the students.

I say to you beloved People of Detroit, fiendish human Beings will pay the penalty, as no human Being on the face of This Earth can understand; for the falsehoods they have spread concerning the Messengers and This Work – not the Messengers so much, as This Work, which is the Light of every human Being’s Life.

You watch! The end of their rope is at hand. Human Beings so imbued with the fiendishness and falsehood as to spread apparent opposition to This Light, do it only to gain money. They have failed, as all destructive forces must fail!

I say that to every human being who opposes This Light; because there is nothing the Messengers give forth, which is not beautiful and constructive, and for the Freedom of mankind.

It is a Service to the Earth which has never been rendered.

If you allow yourselves to be affected by such false things, you will pay the penalty; and you will continue in your limitations. I speak with Authority! I want the Blessed People and Students to have their Freedom; and be untouched by the fiendish falsehoods which are spread.

Therefore, stand in the Light of your “I AM Presence”, Beloved Ones, and have your Freedom!”

The Great Divine Director

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