understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“America must have Invincible Protection. It is not a matter of can it, but America must have It!

We are the Power and the Authority by the Full Cooperation of the Cosmic Beings of Light. Then can you tell Me honestly from your Heart, there is any human creation in the Universe which has any Power to oppose Our Authority of Life?


Let Me remind you again, that which We refer to as the Cosmic Light, is not just an Universal Activity which is prevalent everywhere! The Cosmic Light to which We refer, is a Consciously Drawn and Projected Power of Light Substance into the Earth; by the Great Group of Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings, from what you have come to know as the Great Central Sun; which is the Heart Focus of Life and Light to This System of Worlds.

Now is the only time, It has ever acted upon the Earth in more than two million years, because the need is so great; in order to hold the unity in This System of Worlds.

Your planet has become known – Oh, let Us put it, as a “shadow planet”; because of the discord long generated by mankind. Do you realize what it would mean, if the Earth failed in Its Expansion of the Light as required; in relation to the other planets of This System?

You don’t know that, the intellect cannot comprehend it, but We do!”

The Great Divine Director

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