understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As you look upon It as Self-luminous Intelligent Substance, you know your Call is compelled to be answered, by the very Light which beats your Heart and gives you activity.

Today, people have within their grasp, the Scepter of their own Freedom and Dominion over the conditions of Earth. Believe Me Dear Hearts, when I say there is not one of you, who cannot stand in the midst of everything – I mean in the Power of your Presence, and remain untouched by the disturbance around you.

Go on, and on, and on, into the Perfection and Freedom, which your Heart knows is True and which you crave and want.

At first, when you enter This Great Stream of Light, it means a Great Firm Determined Stand to the Light; and the refusal to accept the gossip of mankind from those who do not understand. Therefore, all who are strong enough to do that, will go forward, on, and on, and on.

You as Individuals who are not Group Leaders, have only to be concerned about your own individual world, aside from your Decrees for the blessing of America; but the Messengers have been the focus of all the viciousness of mankind, and they have remained untouched by It!

They always will, but it is because of their dynamic Application; and they still do it and will as long as they are serving in the outer world. It is imperative! until Individuals have made their Ascension.

You cannot be Free, without your own dynamic Application, because you are moving in the seething vortex of human discordant creation all the time.

I thank you with all My Heart for your attention; and for that which has been anchored within your feeling world to bless you. Oh, it is not just the Words which I have spoken; they but hold your attention, while into your feeling world, is the Power of Light anchored to bless you forever. It is Our Great Victory for your assistance.

In these wondrous groups it is the response, which makes it possible for Us to anchor Our Power of Light into your feeling world; which not only dissolves and purifies; but gives you a Strength and Courage which sets you Free, if you but realize it.”

The Great Divine Director

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