understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Allow Me to cite to you the Messengers. My dear people, they are the Greatest Living Example of This Law in the World. They started out in Chicago without money, except enough to get to Philadelphia, trusting the Presence. Not only trusting, but calling It into action with the most dynamic power you ever witnessed.

See what has been done in three and a half years – unparalleled in the history of the Earth by two people, without one word of advertising to the outside world.

They provided the Law absolutely in their financial supply in the Call to the Presence; to bring to them the people who could accept This Law and have This Freedom, and to keep out all others.

Therefore, one has but to look at the action of the Law and see there Its Fulfillment without question. That is why I cite these things to you, so you may see they have been the Fulfillment of the Law and are today.

Never was such viciousness driven at any two human Beings on Earth as has been at them. Why? Because the destructive qualities of mankind know This Light is their annulment; know it is the Freedom of all mankind.

That is the only reason!

Individuals allow themselves to be made claws of the destructive force, to try to interfere with This Activity, but they have no power to do it!

As you understand These Laws, when disturbing conditions confront you, your attitude should be your Call to the Light; so far as your own Protection and the Harmonizing of your world is concerned. Then the Full Result and Power of your Presence may come forth.

I tell you, Dear Ones, it is not a matter of persons, places nor conditions! It is a matter of the Harmony in your own feeling, which allows the Power of the Presence to flow forth and produce these NATURAL CONDITIONS for you. It will do it every time!

There is no such thing as failure in This Light; because It is Light which goes into action and knows no resistance. Even the destructive quality of mankind never attempts to interfere with the Light, because it knows, it cannot do it.”

The Great Divine Director

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