understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Every Individual who condemns the Messengers and This Work, will find himself or herself out of the Radiance of the Ascended Masters. Not only that, but those Individuals say:  “I still have my Presence.”  I wonder! Do they?

They still have their Presence attached to their physical Hearts; but they do not stop to see their viciousness released toward persons, places and conditions, clothes every ounce of the energy which goes into their beings with destructive qualities!

Therefore, they have shut off the Perfection of their own Presence, from acting in their worlds.

Do you not see this Beloved Ones? It does not make any difference what the provocation is; not only the Messengers and This Activity, but whoever once has known This Law and then allows viciousness or discord to control, is creating that one’s own destruction;

and if you will watch, you will see it done. There is nothing can stop it but themselves!

We plead with the people and give them the Correct Understanding of the Law. Many still go on believing, they can send forth any feeling they choose and not reap the results! Such a thing is impossible! I am not condemning those unfortunate Individuals, but I am citing the Law which acts!

The Law of Life is no respecter of persons! It is cause sent forth, which produces effect, and that is all there is to it! It is the Law of Life acting and nothing but themselves can change It, as long as they hold to such a vicious attitude.

Therefore, I say to you ladies and gentlemen, in your activity of the outer world, if somebody has done a wrong to you, please do not let yourselves become angry or feel vicious toward that one; because then you are harming yourselves! They cannot harm you.

Suppose one swept away from you all the money you had; do you think for one moment, that can interfere with your Great Life acting to again produce more; if you hold your feeling harmonious, and pour forth Kindness and Blessing to that unfortunate Individual? The one depriving you temporarily, is the one who is most unfortunate, not you.

If only blessed mankind could understand this. In the experience of the depression a few short years ago, what a Release would have come. How those within the next five years following, would have restored all their loss, if they had known this “I AM Presence”; and how to call It into action.

Because the Same Power and Intelligence is there in the individual, which was there before the loss, so-called, took place.

If you and mankind will understand These Laws and utilize Them, there is not a thing acting in this World, which can harm or deprive you!

That is why I say today, according to the Great Cosmic Law, there is no one in the World who has wealth, who is sure of sustaining it, without the Knowledge of This Presence. The very forces of human destructive creation are pounding at these individuals to try and deprive them.

Every one of mankind who will hold himself or herself harmonious; accept the “I AM Presence” as the Treasure-house; refuse to be agitated or disturbed by the appearance of the outer world; will find his or her own individual world, supplied abundantly with every good thing.”

The Great Divine Director

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