understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Ones, if you were to see in the past, how your Power of qualification has been acting and clothing your Energy, producing just the opposite results from which you intend, you would be so astonished! No words could explain.

Today, that is fast being remedied; and as We watch the Activity within the Life Streams of Individuals who are earnest, sincere students, We see the constant change. In eighty percent – notice how tremendous – in eighty percent, the results are tremendous.

I touch upon this point to give you the Strength, and Encouragement, to know you are not failing in your Application; not even the one who is producing the least results. Please feel This; for who of you shall say what moment, you will strike a Certain Vibratory Action.

The Power of your Presence releases in one tremendous sweep, and brings you to the point of Balance, wherein comes the Great Release from your Presence, governing all activities in your world.

Sometimes Individuals have thought in the Magazine, there were contradictions of that which is in the books. It is not so!

Dear Ones, the books give the Fundamental Law of Life! In the Magazine, different angles of that Law are touched upon; and if there seems to be a contradiction, remember it is only referring to Another Activity, another Explanation of the Same Mighty Thing.

So do not let your human mind begin to feel, there are contradictions in This Activity. It is impossible in the Ascended Masters’ Work.

So if there seems to be, it is just a lack of discrimination within the human intellect, which makes you feel it for the moment, because of the suggestion which is given forth.

There are few unfortunate Individuals who have spread the falsehood, the Ascended Masters had made mistakes; the Messengers had made mistakes; and in Beloved Saint Germain’s dismissal of certain Individuals, said:  “Could an Ascended Master have written Those Words?”

Well, They just did! Because it was imperative to place that human viciousness where it could no longer misrepresent the Truth, in the pretense of representing This Law.”

The Great Divine Director

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