understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I know of no one thing which gives you a clearer definite idea, of what one Individual in the presence of others, with the proper Understanding, can do thru his or her Radiance, than “The Servant in the House”.

That play illustrates to mankind how one with a Great Calm Out-pouring of This Radiance, can harmonize, bless and bring into Perfection, every one within his or her environment; if that one be strong enough to stand untouched by the surrounding discord.

You as “I AM” Students today, are in a position to do this, if you but realize it. You can stand in the midst of your world and hold a Great Calm Serenity and Peace. Then, as you call the Powers of your Presence to go forth, Its Radiance will go out; and all about you will become harmonized and bless you.

When you do not do that, it is because you allow your attention to be fixed on the discord about you; instead of the Powers of the Presence which control it.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to bring this forth today, and to be a part of your happiness and your Love. The Great Volume of your Love which has gone forth from this room, will remain an Eternal Memory in this city. We are utilizing that to the fullest extent; and when certain things are shortly accomplished, We shall return to bless you with the Fulness which you could scarcely comprehend today.

Remember, in the Great Kindly Out-pouring of the Ascended Masters’ Love and Blessings, is the Open Door to your Complete Freedom.

I do not mean you should allow conditions of inharmony to submerge you; or Individuals walk over you – humanly speaking. Not at all, but in the Great Calm Majesty of your Presence, no one will want to walk over you, no one will want to disagree with you, if the Radiance is sufficient.

That is why, Beloved Ones, so many times vicious Individuals have come to the Messenger; and usually he stands perfectly quiet, until His Radiance has an opportunity to enfold them, then their viciousness is gone. So it is with every one of you.

Every one of you today is an Out-pouring of your Great Presence of Life which is all Harmony, all Power and Perfection. You are now understanding how to keep your feeling so harmonious, you do not requalify Its Energy as It goes forth.

Therefore, Its Power is a thousandfold greater, than It was before; when you continued to requalify it, with the feeling which was within you.

I am so grateful for I see so many of you who are going to be able to hold That Harmony; and therefore, win your Victory so quickly!”

The Great Divine Director

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