understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Again, why are We needed? Because Our Words are “Cups” which carry the Ascended Master’s Perfection and Qualities into your feeling world, your Life and Its Activity. That is why you need Us. Does it sound We urged Ourselves upon you? I trust not, but This is the Law of Life!

Do you expect your children in kindergarten or the first grade, to understand the advanced studies in your schools? Would We expect you in your present state, to suddenly transform yourselves; and understand with the Fulness which We do? That would hardly be reasonable would it?

Yet, there will be Individuals among you in the next twenty years, who will to the outer sense seem to do this. In fact Bob, Rex, Nada and pearl have, but it was My Great Joy and Privilege to render the Service, which almost did that; because their Life Streams happened to be clean and Free from too much discord.

You have never received an explanation for it, have you? I am sure the Messengers will appreciate this themselves. Why was it Rex, Bob, Nada, Pearl and the Messenger were brought to Me? BECAUSE IN PREVIOUS LIVES, THEY HAD COME WITHIN A CONTINUED HARMONIOUS ACTIVITY AND RADIANCE.

In a former embodiment, which it is not necessary for Me to describe, they made a Mighty Decree, understanding at that time the Law of rebirth. They decreed with a Powerful Mighty Decree, in all following embodiments, until they attained their Perfection, they would only take on embodiments where they were in Perfect Harmony; and of course it had to be fulfilled.

There have been many who have done it, but this is one of the instances in which it has been My Joy to assist and to explain to you the reason for it.”

The Great Divine Director

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