understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Blessed Ones, who do not realize the need of standing within the Radiance of their own “I AM Presence”, and refusing to listen to false gossip, will be wavering for the time being. It will make it more difficult for themselves to apply This Law; until they have the Evidence within themselves in their own experience, of the Infinite Power of This Law and Its Application to produce exactly that for which they call.

You have heard the Messenger say it again, and again, your Call is compelled to be answered! Why? Now notice this point!

What is it within you which makes the call? What is the Intelligence, the Energy, the Light which enables you to voice the words or feel the feeling? It is Life, isn’t it? Could there be anything else? It is Life, and if left alone to Its Perfection, It will always cause you to feel and do the Right Thing. Then It is Life, the Secret of Life revealing Itself to you!

Why has it not been done so before? Because That Secret of Life could only be revealed and held in Its Purity, by Those Who had freed themselves from Earth’s limitations. Do you not See? How could one yet in the limitations of your world, give you the Fulness of Life without limitations? It would not be possible!

Therefore, We Who have attained Our Freedom from these limitations, know exactly how to do it. Every human Being or every Being while that one was still in the human quality, who gained Freedom, came thru this same Application; because there is only one Way.

It is to understand your Individualized “I AM Presence”, Its Laws, Its Whereabouts, Its Connection with you and your connection with It; and then apply the Law of your Being!”

The Great Divine Director

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