understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Would you like Me to tell you in figures, how many more will join you in the next six months? I do not mean just here, but all over the United States and in different parts of the World – and I mean by that those who will come into the Application of the Work?

You have a little more than three hundred seventy-four thousand members I believe now. I have not checked it up Myself, but Beloved Saint Germain has the record, and when the Messengers return to the Shrine Class in July, there will be more than two hundred thousand added to that number. I shall not say how many more.

This should be of sufficient encouragement for you all to know, unless this were the Eternal Truth of Life, It could not expand and draw to Itself Its own.

You have seen all of the various angles of Truth already. Those who have been drawn to this “I AM” Activity far exceed anything else. This has brought True Understanding! In This Ascended Master Understanding, you have the culmination of all.

There is not one thing left unsaid, or unexplained by which you may gain your Victory. Therefore, those who will stand by and apply It, will have their Eternal Freedom.

I say to you, as One who has Authority to set aside time and space – to dissolve and consume the human accumulation, the creation of Individuals; and to remove the discarnates from the Earth – there is not one of you, who cannot have your Freedom in every way quickly, by two simple things.

Since you have come to know the “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence”, take a firm unyielding stand to hold Harmony in your feeling and make your Earnest Application. There is not one of you, who could not be Free in six months.

I trust those, for whom their own human creations have been dissolved and consumed, will feel and take advantage of the Opportunity with greater power in their Application; greater intensity, greater earnestness and greater Determination.

Beloved Ones, when you have lived for centuries in human creations and accumulation which has been gathered up to this time – you of course do not realize it; but the feeling, the power and the energy released thru discord, has made this condition of today.

In order to reverse, dissolve and consume it, you must know you are undoing in a few weeks or a few months, what you have been centuries, hundreds of centuries accumulating!

If you really understand and know your Privilege today, is the Greatest Privilege of all your pilgrimages upon Earth; you will realize the Great Mercy of the Great Law of Life, which provided a Means of doing it.”

The Great Divine Director

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