understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You do not know what I know, but I shall tell you something today; and if you care to believe Me, you will see in contemplation, how True It is.

Do you think it is just your physical efforts which accomplish things in the outer world? Beloved Ones, it is the Light, the Energy of your Presence, which goes forth before you and accomplishes what you desire.

When you realize Harmony is the IMPERATIVE thing in your feeling, so this energy may flow forth and go out in Its Full Power, Its Purity, Its Perfection; then you will have no difficulty in making yourself successful in your outer efforts, in the outer world. Until mankind understands that, the people will go on in their distress and limitations.

As students today, there is no longer the slightest excuse for you not having what you need for your happiness and comfort. You should be able to govern the vibratory action about you, and call forth the Power of your Presence, to draw about the effects or things your Heart craves.

You might say:  “How about our families who do not agree with us?”  That is a very important point. The True Understanding of This Presence is the Greatest Harmonizing Perfecting Activity in the Entire Universe. Now why have so many seeming disagreements occurred in families? Because the human tried to be the Doer.

Precious Ones, now think it over! I urge you never to argue the question of This Understanding with anyone – your family or anyone else!

Leave all Free to come to This Understanding and into It, whenever they are ready. If you pull them in by urging, they are very apt to begin to try to pick flaws.

If people come in of their own volition, they come because the Light within them has drawn them; and it will be the rarest thing for them to ever turn aside for any length of time.

As the Messengers have told you, This Light, This Understanding which Beloved Saint Germain has brought to you, is clear! It is All-powerful! It is Mighty to set mankind Free; and I say to you as One of Authority: you will not have any Knowledge, any Application, any Information, and Instruction come forth, which will even touch It, in the next two or three hundred years.

You will remember, when This Understanding was to come forth, even before the Messengers knew It, We decided with Those from Venus in the Royal Teton:  This “I AM” Activity must come forth in simple language which the layman and the child could understand.

All technical terminology, all foreign expression must be left out; because America was the “Cup of Light” of the future; and the only spot on the face of This Earth, where there was a possibility of bringing about the Right Condition for the Incoming Golden Age.”

The Great Divine Director

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