understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“To anyone, who is honest and sincere and wants to see the Living Proof, I say, it is before you all the time; of the Magnificent, Powerful Manifestation of the Sincere Application of the Laws of Life; thru the attention to the Great God Presence, the “Mighty I AM”. That is why We have Limitless Patience.

Today, when We see for the first time in many centuries, the Actual Tremendous Progress being made, then can you feel Me, the Rejoicing in Our Hearts? It is Magnificent, Beloved Ones! It is Magnificent beyond all expression, to find at last the Response from Beloved Individuals who have so long forgotten their Source.

Within the last few days, We were in a Great Conference concerning the Immediate Requirements of the Earth; and all agreed with such Rejoicing, the Response today was coming to the Great Balance; for the Light, Protection and Blessing of mankind and your Beloved America.

It is a wonderful thing. Never in four hundred centuries, has such a Response been given by mankind.

Now let Us all give gratitude. Except for the Mighty Determination of the Beloved Saint Germain, this would not be today. He was the One who took the Responsibility!

Remember That, Beloved Ones, and try never to forget it! He was the One who took the reins, took the Responsibility for the failure or Achievement. I won’t say what it would have meant had He failed.

You, I am sure in your Greatest Love have never contemplated such a thing! Then, do you wonder only last night, He spoke of the Accomplishment; and poured forth His Love and Gratitude not only to the Messengers and the Beloved Sindelars; but to all the students for holding the fort and sending forth This Wondrous Magazine, which is doing so much more in the World, than anyone dreams of, at this time.

Do you wonder He and We pour forth such Great Gratitude to the students everywhere?

Remember you are the Great Family of Light! To the degree you refuse to give forth or listen to discord, are you aiding TREMENDOUSLY in the Great Victory soon to be determined.”

The Great Divine Director

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