understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Dear People, My Dear Beloved Students of the Light, if you knew the conditions which exist in Europe and the Orient today, you would call as never before in your Life. I tell you, you have not a fragmentary idea of the actual conditions which exist today.

Allow Me to remind you, why did Her Great Presence – Her Great Wisdom in the final closing of Her Vision say, to Washington: “That if necessary, the Great Light as of a Thousand Suns would descend into Earth?” Because Her Wisdom saw the wavering attitude of mankind.

Why do you suppose, We have been so earnestly endeavoring to bring the Expansion of the Light in enough of mankind to a point, where We could positively depend on Individuals standing by the Light of their “I AM Presence”?

For the very reason, there must be some correspondence, must be some Means of Direction in the Octave of Earth, by which the Great Cosmic Law could act.

It is why and how, Beloved Ones, you are acting under a Definite Law of Life which makes no mistakes. That Life is your own “Mighty I AM Presence”.

The Individuals who will earnestly turn and give their attention to their “I AM Presence” WITH FEELING, DETERMINED FEELING, will soon find all mistakes ceasing from their Lives.

This is why, We have pled and implored the students for three years, to come to an anchorage in the Light of their own Wondrous Presence.

Oh, think of it! That Great Presence of Light, is the Most Wondrous Thing in the Whole Universe – regardless of the Octaves of Light! That Presence, your “Mighty I AM”, is the Most Wondrous Presence and Being in the Whole Universe – actually beating your Hearts, your physical Hearts!

Only now, are the greater number of mankind coming to feel this with greater intensity; and becoming more and more firm against all discordant things.

Precious People, to hold Complete Harmony in your feeling; refuse to listen to or express a discordant thing, would within one year, fill your world with such Happiness, Perfection and the Supply of all you require, as is inconceivable in your mind, even today!

Look at your Beloved Messengers whom you love so much. Only a few years ago, they were in the same limitations as all mankind. This Beloved Brother, how he struggled thru those years. Today, he is no more the same Being that he was ten years ago, than as if he were from another planet.

That is why the proof stand before you, beloved people of Earth.”

The Great Divine Director

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