understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Don’t think I am criticizing you, Beloved Ones, tonight, but I refer you to Beloved Saint Germain’s Words.


A lady who was in the home of the Messengers in their early experiences, had the habit of fainting quite often; so during Beloved Saint Germain’s Dictations of the “I AM” Discourses in their home, He took up the subject and sent word to the lady: “Now don’t faint any more!” He said,  “you don’t have to faint unless you want to.” Well the lady never fainted again.

Precious Hearts, I wish to help you feel and see the requalification of the action of the energy, within your world, which produces these conditions. If any person, the moment he or she feels some slight disturbance will say:  “Here, stop that! I will not have it!”  in ninety percent of the cases, they will stop the whole action. You know when you begin to feel faint, you get more and more faint.

Do you know, alertness is a most magnificent thing? We are trying to convey to you – to be alert to all conditions, whether they be physical conditions and appearances in the outer world; or whatever it is that is affecting you or your world.

If you will say, “STOP!” right then, you release the Power which is the controlling element of the condition whatever it may be. If it be an appearance as an outside condition, if you will instantly take command of yourself and say:  “Stop! you shall not enter my world! You shall not disturb me!”  you will find yourself in FULL COMMAND of your world and the conditions which surround you.

Beloved Ones, how do you suppose We control conditions? By that very identical thing! Naturally, We are able to release a Greater Power than you are; but still We must help you make a beginning; and the sooner We do, the quicker you are Master of your world.

In the Fullness of the Love, the Power of Divine Love, which I am able to release to you; if you will do this, I will assist you to a Victory and Speed of Achievement which will delight you.”

The Great Divine Director

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