understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We see the Expansion of the Light within the students and their firm – Oh, so much firmer determination to stand unyielding, even to listening to destructive experiences! It is the Mightiest Thing in human Beings’ experience.

Any human Being who will take his or her stand; and refuse to listen to any discordant thing, will find that one’s world flooded with Perfection and the good things of Life!

It is why the Messengers have pounded, and pounded, and pounded, This One Mighty Truth to the Students from the beginning. They shall continue, until the Beloved Ones get this Point into their consciousness so powerfully, they will no longer be affected by discordant things. You must do it, if you wish ever to be Free!

That is why, tonight, I am taking this opportunity, to prompt you once again, in the preparation for this Class; because a Power will be released never before known.

Let Me prompt you! To every student who comes into the Shrine Auditorium, I say please, do not allow one thought or feeling of your own concept, to requalify the Release of This Mighty Energy! We must be firm!

There is no reason why anyone should come into that Class and not feel a Power, a Joy, an Exhilaration, a Healing Presence, unparalleled on the face of this Earth!

Don’t let anyone come into the Auditorium and get faint or disturbed! Such things are going to cease! It only is the requalification, by one’s own human feeling.

Take your stand and don’t do this! Then, you will receive the Fullness of the Healing Power.

Any person coming into the room who will harmonize his or her feeling and sustain it sufficiently, will go forth healed of every condition which has ever beset that one. Now, do you wish to take advantage of it?

I prompt you, don’t either in your Individual Life or in this Class, allow one single human feeling to requalify the Release of this Powerful Energy, for It will come forth from your Presence as well as from Us. It cannot produce anything but Perfection for you; Greater Harmony, Greater Joy, Greater Health and Strength! So do not let the human requalify It!”

The Great Divine Director

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