understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to congratulate our Beloved Mr. and Mrs. Sindelar on the Magazine, for standing against destructive forces which have rarely been felt upon this Earth. Now their great struggle is passed, and I congratulate them. I wish to shake their hands, thru the Messenger’s.

Beloved Students, I want to say to those who have sometimes felt critical or impatient; you have no more idea than an infant, what these Blessed Ones have had to stand against from the sinister force of human creation; for this Magazine has been a thorn in the side of the sinister activity, prodding it and will continue to!

A Stronger Guard is this night placed about them, their home and activity; and greater happiness will fill each one, their worlds and activity.

The Messengers stood against the great onslaught in the beginning, gaining their momentum, and now they can laugh at all human destructive activities and know they have no power! So these Beloved Ones will be able to say to all destructive forces: “You have no power! Get thee hence!”

That is what We want every one of the Precious Students to be able to do, thru the Harmony in the feeling – say to all limiting destructive forces or appearances of any kind: “You have no power! Get thee hence!” – and it will be done!

You cannot imagine what it means to stand as a target for all the vicious forces of the Earth; for remember the Whole Earth is now coming to know of This Activity. In every country in the World, It has become known.

Today, some of the unfortunate Blessed Ones, who have let vicious gossip turn them aside, are seeing their mistakes and will see them more and more; until they return home to This Great Stream of Light.

All the vicious human opinions on Earth, dear people, don’t matter!

Why will mankind not understand and see the first Fundamental of Life is – what Individuals send forth, they must reap! Why will people not understand and believe that – before it is too late; and they have to reap the frightful destruction they send out?

Again, We shall be patient, and you will see it return upon its creator. We have been patient thru many centuries, will you not be patient with Us a few years? You will see all the Proof any human Being desires of This Great Law; but It is not affected by human opinions concerning It. We are not affected by human opinions!

We utilize the Great Law to the Fullest Degree, which the Law of the Individual will permit, as each one’s own Light expands.

Therefore We see the Glory. More and more people, the students especially, are coming to a point – where they are more and more unaffected by silly human gossip. You must be unaffected by all gossip, for it is of the human.

As the Great Goddess of Liberty said in West Palm Beach: “It is well for each one to take an inventory of himself or herself. See wherein you can give Greater Obedience to the Law of your Life, for It is exacting, I assure you. The Law of Life is no respecter of persons! Whatever you create in your world, you will experience, even today!””

The Great Divine Director

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