understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Try to feel at One with Me tonight! While This Radiance is pouring forth into your world, forget for the moment that I am an Ascended Being, a Cosmic Being. Forget it is anything but the Power and Activity of your own Life! We must get you to feel more Powerfully the Reality which is your Life ACTING. We are the Power of Life ACTING!

Our Understanding, Our Ability is beyond yours! Think again! Still We are the Power and the Presence of Light ACTING; and this is what We want you to feel, with such great earnestness.

Then you remove from your world – your feeling world, any feeling there is anything unusual about the Activity of This Great Law of Life, which produces these Results for you and the World.

Beloved Ones, as long as there is a feeling or sense of something mystical about This Great Law, you are holding It to some degree from you; from rushing in and doing Its Perfect Work for you.

All of the teachings of mankind have made the Action of the Great Law of Life to the human sense, something mystical! It is not!

Even the Ascension is as practical as your mathematics; because It is the Action of your Life, directed by the Great Individualized God Presence, your “Mighty I AM”.

Tonight, let us enter into the practical feeling, that your Presence of Life is the Intelligence and Power which is doing these things for mankind and the World.

So far as the Protection of America is concerned, will you feel with Me for a moment, the Fulfillment of the Promise of the Great Ones, whom you have now come to know as the Great Goddess of Liberty and the Mighty Arcturus?

Each One has promised, if necessary, that “The Light of a Thousand Suns”, shall descend into the Earth, dissolve and consume all human selfishness and discord from the planet! These Promises are Real!

It does mean your co-operation with the Great Cosmic Law; and We are nearing the Balancing Activity, thru these Mighty Calls of the People of Earth. Then have courage to go on, and on, and on, in these Mighty Decrees!

Naturally, if you believe My Words, it will give you a Greater Courage and Strength, a Greater Depth of Feeling, in Its release thru These Decrees – into the mental and feeling world of mankind; to perform This Service which is required and It is all a PERFECTLY NATURAL PROCESS.

As you become more aware of it, you begin to feel as you must now, the Fulfillment of your Calls. Beginning with the Shrine Class, you will find this acting with Tremendously Greater Power in your world; and you will begin to see more rapidly the Out-picturing of your Call.”

The Great Divine Director

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