understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Shall I say something to you tonight, which may seem startling? Yet do not feel it so. The sinister activity in Europe, seeing it has accomplished about as much destruction as it can at the present time, recently made a tremendous surge, to try to reach into your Beloved America. Well, it failed again, because of This Mighty Preparatory Work.

I say to you tonight, Beloved Students:  in the Name of your God, your “Mighty I AM Presence”, grow not impatient in your application!

You sometimes question Its Power of Activity. Possible you may not see so much of the manifestation in your Individual Life; but, Beloved People, it is not a matter of your Individual Life!

It is a matter of the Protection of America and the preparing of a condition, in which mankind may live; for without it, your bodies unascended would know no happiness here.

As you have been prompted from the beginning of the Activity of the Messengers, much has led up to this culminating point of activity; where either the destruction would sweep in or the Power of Light would be sufficient to repel it; and later the Great Cosmic Light dissolve and consume it from the Earth forever!

So don’t, Oh don’t, worry about your Individual Selves, Beloved Ones. You can be sure after a Service, such as has been and is being rendered, you will have Assistance. Don’t question the care of your own Individual Life.

How in the Name of the Great Presence of Light, could any human Being who is sincere in the Call to the Presence, for the Protection of America and its People; how could he or she fail to have It fill that one’s world, which would later Out-picture as Magnificent Majesty and Victory of the Light, individually speaking?

It could not be otherwise!

Life, Beloved Ones, never fails Its Creation!”

The Great Divine Director

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