understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Dear Beloved Children of the Light! We are so grateful to find an opportunity to voice to you that which is within the Heart of Light; for if you have not thought of it in this way, do so now. Remember your Heart, while to the human sense seems physical, is Really a Heart of Light!

My Heart – every Ascended Master’s Heart, is a Heart of Light in Reality. Yours is a Heart of Light in Its Expansion!

Let Us for the time being, listen with the Heart tonight! Feel with the Heart tonight, and release the Mighty Outpouring of Ascended Master Divine Love thru each Heart.

I wish to render a Certain Service for you, if you will do this. Just still the intellect and let the Heart listen and FEEL ALL I wish to give It.

Before we continue, please try to feel your Heart and My Heart are One; for in Reality that is True. Then, from My Heart to yours, can be conveyed My Power of Radiation, which will do for you what the spoken word cannot possibly do! Therefore, while you are listening to My Words, let the Vibratory Action of MY Words act within your world.

In the first place, you are entering now into a Freedom, a Presence, an Activity of the Cosmic Light which holds about you – outside of your own Individual effort, a Certain Radiance, a Certain Power of Assistance.

This is being done for the Students throughout America and the World; and especially those who will be present at the coming Class. As the vast number of students have been calling for this to be the Most Powerful Class yet, so shall It be a Class unparalleled in the history and experience of the Messengers and yourselves.

As the Messenger said, you have been calling for Our Visible Tangible Presence. In your cities where the greatest need is, several of the Ascended Masters have in the past few days moved in the Visible, Tangible Bodies; to release into the octave of Earth, a certain Power of Radiation which is required to govern the conditions at this time; for you are at crisis, as the Beloved John said last night, rarely reached on the Earth.

Had it not been for your Mighty Decrees which have been issued, going forth in the mental and feeling world, disaster would have come before now. During the Great Himalaya’s Dictation, when the Messengers were here before, from that hour, there were established thru the atmosphere of Earth, Air Currents to carry the Words or Qualities, which the Ascended Masters convey during These Dictations.

These are carried forth from the Classes wherever they are held. This has never been experienced on Earth before; and it had to be done, to give the Protection which America and Her Beloved People need today.”

The Great Divine Director

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